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Map 3.2

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The comprehensive knowledge map of product management topics and skills equipped with learning resources curated by the global community of experts

Business Model
Customer Development
Market Research
Market Segmentation
MVP, Product-Market Fit
Artificial Intelligence
UX Research
Design Thinking
UI/UX, Branding
Growth Hacking
Story Mapping
Software Development
Risk Management
Agile, Scrum
KPIs, Metrics
Unit Economics
Soft Skills
Product Management Knowledge Map

What's Inside:

4316 topics of must‑have

knowledge for PMs

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What is it?

The all-in-one PM handbook

you use only when you want to learn


Product Map Explore Feature
  • 01

    Get a holistic overview of the digital product management domain

  • 02

    Explore different topics applied for different phases of product life cycle

  • 03

    Filter knowledge and materials to boost the specific skill or domain

  • 04

    Start with your grade and plan your learning path for building a career


Product Map Navigate Feature
  • 01

    Zoom out to helicopter view and 
Zoom in to navigate to in-depth details

  • 02

    Browse through a content structure designed for easy reading and studying

  • 03

    Search topics and resources by title, description or author name

  • 04

    Jump between linked topics to check dependencies between them


Product Map Learn Feature
  • 01

    Access educational materials and frameworks curated by community

  • 02

    Explore guidelines, technologies and best practices with many examples

  • 03

    Discover books, guidelines, templates, and practical resources for daily tasks

  • 04

    Tailor your learning journey to focus on exactly what you need


Product Map Growth Feature
  • 01

    Follow a clear path to build skills and bridge knowledge gaps evenly

  • 02

    Elevate your PM proficiency and achieve new levels of expertise

  • 03

    Personalize your learning journey and keep your path entirely in your hands

  • 04

    Dive into diverse topics with clear understanding of impact on your grade


Product Map Contribute Feature
  • 01

    Collaborate and share your expertise within the PM community

  • 02

    Share your valuable experiences and  successful practices with others

  • 03

    Suggest resources and materials from your own field-tested knowledge

  • 04

    Become the topic curator and make your voice heard within the industry

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What is it?

The complete knowledge hub

of product management topics

Exhaustive materials cover all required knowledge on the different phases of the product life cycle
starting from product strategy, generation and analysis to product delivery

Phase 1
Product Strategy
Phase 2
Product Generation
Phase 3
Product Analysis
Phase 4
Product Delivery
People & Processes

The Product Map is your navigation

through the product management career

The Product Map provides you with essential materials for self-education.
Build your own learning roadmap for becoming a better specialist.

PM Skills Sunburst Chart

5 Basic Skill Groups
with 15 Essential PM skills

PM Skills Sunburst Chart
  • 01

    Advance your PM skills from junior to executive levels for grade improvement

  • 02

    Explore new specializations
    for fresh job opportunities

    B2C, B2B Product Manager
    Product Marketing Manager
    Growth Product Manager
    Data Product Manager
    Technical Product Manager
    AI Product Manager

  • 03

    Boost daily productivity with new tools and methods

  • 04

    Expand expertise in digital product development and
    team leadership

  • 05

    Follow the trends and stay informed about the latest PM field update, all-in-one place


The Product Map catalyzes a product thinking

culture in your team and company

For Product Teams

  • 01

    Increase team product expertise and understanding how to develop better products

  • 02

    Implement new processes and methodologies to improve your products

  • 03

    Better understand PM role and to plan your smooth transition to product manager

Must Have For
Product Owners
Project Managers
Team Leads

For Product Company

  • 01

    Build the product culture and enable the product thinking on the organisation level

  • 02

    Plan the grades for PMs and create the best roadmap for people development and growth

  • 03

    Understand which knowledge and skills are required for hiring or vacancy description

NICE TO Have For
HR Directors

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HOW we do it?

The Product Map is a community‑driven

repository of collaborative knowledge

Community HQ

  • 01

    The community is the safe place
    for open discussions, sharing knowledge and experience

  • 02

    Meet colleagues from around the world, and contribute to advancing product management industry


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What Is Next?

The Product Map public roadmap

Our story and upcoming updates

We released Product Map 1.0 in February 2023 and it went viral with a lot of people supporting us.
Then, we improved it and launched Product Map 2.0 in June 2023. More than 1.5k copies were shared.
Now, we're introducing the next-generation rebranded Product Map 3.0 and we will keep it rolling!

Feb 24’

New map for different industries and small improvements

Mar 24’


Detailed career paths for different product manager roles

Apr 24’

New formats for self-education and career path planning